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Good mail days- Lots of incoming mail (and mail art)

Fenna and I did a tea swap during the summer, and I was thrilled when I received a piece of her unique mail art. Her work is just so bright and creative, isn't it? Love it.

Also, I've received so many wonderful snail mail packages within the last 3 weeks, I can't wait to share them all with you. Unfortunately, I was out of the house the majority of this weekend, so by the time I arrived back home it was too dark to take pictures. I tried, though, and heavy light editing was just too horrific. So, I'll be retaking some pics this upcoming weekend and should have a good hefty post on next week's Good Mail Days post. Keep an eye out!

To see more of my obsession for stationery and snail mail goods, follow me on Instagram @Seaweedkisses. 

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