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Good mail days- A very special Valentine's Day package

I'm so excited to share today's wonderful snail mail post as I have a special guest I'd like to introduce you to. In lieu of Valentine's Day, Sharon, from Hong Kong, will be showing us how she decorated and prepared this very special outgoing mail for a lucky recipient of hers. So let's take a look!

Hi this is Sharon, as known as yssmail on the instagram, thank you Michelle for inviting me to do this guest post, and I'll start it in the way that I decorate my letters, so let's get started!

Valentine's day is around the corner, and I decided to write a letter in the valentine theme. In order to keep this letter in an interesting and fun way, I intended to use different materials and methods to present the theme. So here it is, drum roll please...

 I love meaningful quotes, therefore i picked some of them which is about love, wrote them on the little kraft tags and did some decorations for sure.

Then I came up with a confetti idea, which I put all the heart shaped and pink, red, gold confetti into a little plastic bag.

And I created some valentine's paper goods, as you can see from the left bottom of the picture, that is the 'Love it is like...' There are also the 'Love songs' and 'The reasons I love Valentine's Day'.

 So these are the love arrows I've made, and this is the must have item of Valentine, right?

This is the final outcome of my letter set, and I tied them together with a pink and white twine, which happens to be my most favorite color from all the twines.

And I made the envelope with the wrapping paper, because it is so hard to find such cute envelopes around here. Tied another bow around the envelope and finished the decorations with a pink wax seal stamp. Yea, mission complete!

Hope my penpal will find this love letter interesting and enjoy it. Thank you Michelle once again for this great opportunity, to inviting me to share my works, I'm so grateful for this!

Oh, and also Happy Valentine's Day to you all, and hope that I gave you some useful ideas for writing your own love letter!


Wow! Thank you so much, Sharon, for sharing this beautiful post with us. Your attention to detail in your craft is simply gorgeous.

For those that are active on Instagram, you can follow Sharon at @yssmail, or click here to see more of her lovely mail posts.

Make sure to swing by the blog every week to catch up on some more great mail goods and stationery love! If you're interested in sharing a mail post as well (or stationery post of any kind), feel free to email me. I'm all ears.


  1. Super gorgeous! Sharon's creations are always amazing and it really fits the valentine theme.
    absolutely adore her creativity.

  2. aww that's such a sweet package. i love the wax stamp. it has such a harry potter feel to it

  3. SO SO SO lovely!!! I love how you decorate the envelope - so inspiring! The receiver of any of your parcels is one lucky duck. ;) xx

  4. oh my god ! I will get such a great package someday :) I really really like this !! :)


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