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Handmade Valentine's Day cards

The best part of Valentine's Day, in my opinion, are the cards and handing them out to friends...and to that secret crush. If you're in need of some inspiration and ideas, here's a head start thanks to Grace.

Hello, readers of Seaweed Kisses! Well, Valentines is just around the corner; and even though I don't have that "special someone" to shower with love notes {or vice versa *sniff, sniff*}, I still love to send pretty cards to friends who are dear to my heart. Here are a few of my latest creations. Hope you enjoy, and are inspired!
valentine crafting essentials // 
pretty paper, sparkly wash tape, assorted accessories, 
felt, pretty scissors, lace, ribbons, and striped baker's twine 
a strong cuppa of strawberries n' cream tea,
and good friends to ship your creations to.

xx || grace of grace's garden walk
Special thanks to Michelle for letting me guest post!!! She's fantastic. 

And thank you for sharing, Grace! I'm sure your friends will love these cards you've so beautifully put together!


  1. These are beautiful! So exiting and inspiring!
    xoxo~ Madi Elizabeth

    1. *Oops* Exciting:) & inspiring

  2. These are the most intricate valentines day cards I've ever seen. So beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing!


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