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Current happenings (and hooked on a new Korean show)

Spring is in the air and I'm loving the change right now. I'm already on the search for new bathing suits, summer dresses, and comfy flip flops. I have to be careful, though. I don't want to accumulate too many new things as I'll be packing soon....

This month I've been:
Reading: nothing because I've been too busy watching this show below..
Watching: The Return of Superman. I'm  l-o-v-i-n-g this show, like, I watch it every free moment I get. While I don't have kids (yet), I can't help but to admire and adore these cute families. Picking a favorite kid is impossible as they all have their own uniqueness, but I'd have to say that Jang Hyun-sung has got to be my favorite dad out of the 4. His two sons are also so polite and well mannered, I just want to hug them!
But I do love Sarang's big attitude and appetite, and Haru has that spunky personality that's so unpredictable. They're the ones that crack me up the most. Luckily the KBS Youtube channel features all the episodes, so I've been able to keep up. If you want to check out the show as well, I recommend watching ep 45, and 6. Those have been some of the cutest episodes, in my opinion.
Eating: dry roasted pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe's.Yum!
Drinking: this hazelnut coconut creamer with my coffee in the mornings
Using: this website to search for my plane tickets this upcoming trip. It's pretty convenient when looking for the cheapest rates with flexible dates.
Recently: received a beautiful Pandora bracelet from the bestie. I absolutely love it and wear it almost every day. I practically picked out all the travel charms there were.
Wearing: these comfy sandal wedges from my all time favorite shoe store- Crocs. Yes, I know. Not the chicest option, but hey, they work for me. And these black wedges look so much better on! I've already received so many compliments when worn out and about.
Listening: to the Amelie soundtrack. I found that it actually helps stimulate my thoughts, so I like to play this when planning out my week. Sometimes I use it when scrubbing the dishes too. It makes it more fun and somewhat enjoyable.
Trying: to grow my hair out. I'm ready for it to be long again.
Purchased: some great new makeup in which I'll be sharing soon.
Working: on finishing up my taxes.


  1. Oh, I'm also watching The Return of Superman! It is a great show. I also like Screening Humanity. For dramas I am watching Bride of the Century, Lee Hongki! and Wonderful days, Taecyeon!

    1. Oooh, I'll have to check those shows out!

  2. Aww, yes! I love that show as well, and agree with you about Jang Hyun-sung he's very understanding and considerate as a father and his kids especially Junwoo is so well-mannered. I like Sarang for her very healthy appetite and Haru for her heart. The twins are cute as well.

    I've been wanting to re-watch Amelie for the longest time now - mainly to be inspired.

    1. Yes, Junwoo is so mature and respectable! So cute.

      I actually re-watched the Amelie movie a few weekends ago, which then called for the soundtrack replay. It's been on repeat for weeks now! ;) That movie always puts me in a happy mood.

  3. I read the title and thought "wouldn't it be funny if it was The Return of Superman"...and it was! hahaha! I'm a huge sucker for baby shows. Sarang has been a constant favorite since she loves the same foods I love.

    1. Haha!! Yes, I'm totally into that show! Even at night when I'm supposed to be going to sleep, I'm still on my tablet trying to finish the hour and a half long episode. Sarang definitely puts a funny (and cute) touch to it. She's becoming my all time favorite. And honestly, the twins are so "blah" to me. I always skip over their parts.

  4. we used to watch that show and loove sarang. she's so adorable :)

  5. I used to watch different Asian drama series, there's something about them I get hooked on. Whether it be Taiwanese, Japanese, Filipino or Korean. Now I'm having a hard time not to get hooked again, 'cause it consumes me :p

  6. I want a new bathing suit too... and I don't remember the last time I went swimming!

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