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DIY- Crafting stamps {guest post}

Blanca, a good snail mail friend of mine from Spain, is here today as a special guest. Let's take a look at how she creates some of her crafty handmade stamps which are perfect for decorating with, shall we!

What you'll need:
a carving block or eraser
cutting blade
pieces of cardboard as a stamp base

Draw triangle shapes onto the eraser with a pencil and then cut out the designs using the cutting tool. 

Glue the pieces on to the cardboard which helps create a stabilized pattern.

You can also group the triangles together to create a banner bunting stamp.

Have fun with it and start stamping away!

Thank you, Blanca, for showing us your wonderful DIY. If any of you have any questions on stamp crafting or designing, feel free to visit Blanca's blog or her Instagram, @caconetes.


  1. this is so cute! would love to give it a try some time. :)

  2. The idea looks so fun and cute! :)

  3. That is just awesome! And so simple, thanks for the tutorial :D


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