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Crafty Links

Hope the new month of April has been filled with lots of fun and happiness for you! Spring here in Arizona is looking lovely as ever, and the weather is just great. I've been taking advantage of this beautiful season by being active and exploring more of the outdoors, hence the lack of posts. However, I'm still enjoying the interwebs and these inspiring links I think you'll enjoy just as much as I did:

- As of lately, I've been thinking about using a pocket size planner/ring binder as a wallet. Luciana's filofax flex is just how I imagined my setup to be. Her post showing how to add a midori within it is my current obsession! Oh, and if you're a "pinner," she's got a great board displaying more of her pretty pink flex.

- I guess I've got enough planners (for those that are counting), but I sure wouldn't mind this one by IL Bisonte.

- Have you tried a RoterFaden notebook before? I first heard about these from Yoojin's blog, and they look very interesting! What I love most about the concept is that you can use any of your own notebooks and store paper without hole punches.

- Alright you Midori fans! Who's anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new Pan Am Edition?

- Speaking of Midori, wish I was any one of these people at this traveler's notebook gathering. All the pretty pages!

- I feel like California has all the fun sometimes. First, there's Disneyland, then it's The Scrapbook Expo, and then there was Eunice's Inspiration Lab gathering at Baum-kuchen.

- Marcy's nice planner stack

- This Pen & Ink review is perfect for a newbie like me. Makes me realize that I seriously need to step up my pen game.

- Here are Seven Reasons to Learn Calligraphy

- Another amazing flickr account added to the favorites list. Those stacks of moleskines have my heart singing.

Happy weekend, friends! (Click here to see more crafty links)


  1. So many interesting links. Thank you!

  2. thank you so much for the including my blog in your inspiring list!!
    For me it's realy a great honour ^-^

    1. Luciana, and thank you for always sharing your creative posts and ideas! They're truly wonderful!


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