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Smash Book Spread

Smash booking- For those days where you just feel like cutting-n-pasting.

(By the way, recognize the lovely ephemera used here? I'll give you a hint.)

Also, my newest obsession as of lately are those handmade "smash books" aka junk journals. Creating one of these is for sure on my "yearly goals" list. Gosh, I could (and did) watch videos on these for hours. Here are a few of my favorites:

And a couple blog posts that I found inspiring:


  1. I've tried this recently, and it was a lot of fun! Well, I take that back, I tried cutting and pasting. I didn't try fancy styling or adding of ephemera - that will take some time to get used to the idea of (for my own sanity, lulz). But it was nice to put all of the pretty pictures I'd been collecting together somewhere that I can flip through them!

  2. Oh, that is beautiful. I keep meaning to do one, but have yet to get round to it, Maybe I should add it to one of my goals, too? One day!

  3. HI Michelle:

    I'm newish to your blog and a long-time art journaler, learning as much as I can and trying to help others do as much art as possible. I just recently made my first junk journal and I LOVED it. I used a ton of paper scraps and art pieces that had not found homes. I love your mix of patterns and bits. Your photos are really lovely too!
    Thank you for sharing!


  4. Junk journals are soo nice!! I saw them allot on YouTube!!!
    Can't wait to see yours when you do it! and the process - if you're going to share that-
    Jade xo


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