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New Dreams for 2016

It's that time of the year already. Can you believe it? Time to reflect back on all the things that have happened in 2015- good, bad, sad, and memorable.

One thing I did in the beginning of this year was create a little dream jar. It stored all of my true inner desires, wishes, and goals for 2015.

I opened it up today for the first time in months, and reading through all of my little wishes made me smile as some of them had come true. Others were close, some were not, and a few did not even break through this year, but that's okay. I'm a firm believer that if something must be forced into one's life, then it is truly not meant to be at that time. This applies even to dreams and wishful desires.

One thing I did realize, though, and took as a great life lesson for 2015, was to be more patient. (Actually, a lot more patient.) The saying is true- Patience is a Virtue. Over these past 12 months, I've learned that even though something may not appear now, it doesn't mean that it may not be on its way.

It is better to wait for tomorrow to take the full reward, rather then taking a small sample today~

A few things I've added to 2016's dream jar:

- connect more deeply with others
- flourish (my focus word for the new year)
- continue to practice the attitude of gratitude
- keep the body, mind, and soul active and healthy
- see more of the world
- discover new places, faces, and art
- help others

Now although the dreams listed above may seem basic and vague, these are listed in a simple form to just keep things short and sweet. All the juicy details are scribbled down and poured out into my journal.

What are a few of your 2016 dreams?

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  1. Such a neat idea! I love looking back at goals - I can remember the exact headspace I was in when I wrote them. Hopefully, 2016 will make all our dreams come true :)


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