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How To Make A Traveler's Notebook Vision Board

A vision board is my secret tool in keeping my mind focused and laser sharp with my goals.

You know that old saying, "Whatever you focus on grows." Well, in my case I find that to be very true. Visualization is a powerful way to attract what you're wishing/working towards, and it keeps the subconscious mind always searching for open possibilities. A vision board helps keep the attention on your intentions.

So with that in mind, I created my own little vision board, again, but this time travel themed. I copied, clipped, and glued on images that inspire me, places that have been on my bucket list, and things I would love to experience soon in my life.

Setting this vision board was really quite simple.

You know that Traveler's Notebook 2017 Monthly Calendar insert that I have in my current setup? I just used a blank spread from the back pages, and stuck on these pictures. Easy as that! If you'd like a visual demonstration, however, here's a video I made sharing the setup and explaining the representation for the images used within the travel vision board.

Here's a past post I did sharing my 2015 Traveler's Notebook vision board setup, and one I did for 2016.

Oh yeah, and remember my very first planner vision board I shared using my Filofax?

My, oh my, does time fly.


  1. Hi Michelle, I love your blog posts and your pictures! :)

  2. Super cute. I'm actually making one of these in my TN now!


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