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Planner & Journal Lineup for 2017

"What do you use all of those planner for??"

That's the question I get asked frequently on Instagram and YouTube.

"And how/in what way are you using them all?"

Well, glad you asked.

Here's a look at the planners and journals I'll be using for 2017 and how I use them all and what purpose they will serve.

Work Week & Projects
  • The Law of Attraction Planner: The week at a glance and hourly breakdown works well with my current work tasks and project management. Plus, I love keeping track of my progress and goals. This planner is my newest favorite! (I did a detailed flip-through and review here.)

Fitness Planner
  • Hobonichi Weeks: I use this planner to track all of my workouts, reps, and meal preps for each week. Every now and then I'll note body measurements and caloric intake for the day.

Daily Journaling
  • Moleskine Daily Diary/Planner Agenda: I love how thick this planner is and how it has each day per page. Paper quality isn't very suitable for fountain pens, but it holds up just fine with my everyday ballpoint pens.

Art Journaling
  • Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook: When I'm not daily journaling or planning, then I'm sketching and doodling in my art journal. This year I plan to do more watercoloring and practice urban sketching. (I've been really inspired lately by Liz Steel and Teoh Yi.) 

Travel Journal
  • Traveler's Notebook: You know I can't go anywhere (travel wise) without my beloved travel journal. We're like bestie travel companions. Speaking of, I am counting down the days until the Olive Edition is released...Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Miscellaneous Notes & Ideas
  • Moleskine Pocket Daily Diary and the Leuchtturm1917 Soft Pocket Notebook: At least one of these is carried around with me at all times as I use them for random notes such as grocery items, quick reminders, thoughts, songs I hear, etc.

And that pretty much covers it! If you'd like a more detailed flip-through of the indivual notebooks and planners listed above, feel free to pop on over to the youtube channel, Seaweed Kisses, where I made a video sharing them all here.

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