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Incoming Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt Package

You don't understand-there's nothing better than getting a surprise letter/present/package from someone in the mail. I was so excited when my Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt package finally arrived. This neat project that the wonderful Fab from Wreck This Girl put together definitely brought out everybody's creative side.

My mystery partner turned out to be Puk from Denmark. She has a lovely blog in which she displays all her beautiful crochet work that you can see here.

Her wrapping was just too cute, and I made sure I opened everything slowly, too, so nothing would tear. I just wanted to keep all of her wrappings!

Puk's postal kit consisted of adorable cards, stickers, handmade tags, and such. I can't wait to use some for my future projects!

How pretty is that?? This is just so creative. I love it, and am currently looking for a picture frame to hang this onto my bedroom wall.

This handmade crotchet gift put the biggest smile onto my face. I want to hang this, too. I just need a big ol wall dedicated to all my mail goodies so I can stare at them all day long.

Puk also made this necklace and bracelet for me. I'm such a big fan of handmade things, especially jewelry. This was such a pleasant surprise.

And the  "something that represents you" gift that she picked out was this pretty handmade key-hanger/chain. Can you believe she's been crocheting for 15+ years now? It definitely shows in the details of her work.

And I love me some washi tape! Thank you so much, Puk. All of your little gifts were wonderful!

*Sorry for the bad lighting. I snapped these pictures late in the evening with my only teeny indoor lights.


  1. You received such wonderful items, I don't blame you for wanting to hang it all to view all year roung. By the way I'm @samash81 on Instagram.

    1. Oh, hi Samash 81! It's so funny how we all know each other by our instagram names. Loved your blog post, by the way! Your package was lovely.

  2. That's so cute :D love it!!

    Great post!


  3. Oh, that's such a nice package! And I really love the secret penpal scavenger hunt idea. :) xo
    PS: You've got a new follower!

  4. Super cute!!!

  5. So cute!
    Katie xx

  6. Awwh such a cute thoughtful little gift! ^^ Lucky you! hehe<3

  7. I'm so incredibly happy that you're satysfied with the package you received :) Puk really sent you awesome stuff! I fell in love with "something seasonal", I'm sure it'll look great framed :) xx

  8. everything is so adorable!

  9. hi Michelle
    :)!!! big surprises comes in small package or letter :') ♡
    soooo adorable cards and stickers, handmade tags !!!! i love it so much ◠ ◡ ◠
    it's amazing every little thing in your blog :) thank you ♡

  10. Oh this is lovely! The packaging is so thoughtful and pretty too! xxx

  11. That's so cool ! I like the bracelet she made.


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